Welcome to Olive Branch Ministries

Love - Stability - Structure - Safety - Home
Our Mission

Here at Olive Branch, we do things a little bit differently. We deal with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and we see its effects every single day.

Like all young men, those with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome have a lot of dreams and goals. They want to be productive, and contribute to their community. They want to have friends. They want to have a home.

Unfortunately, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome brings a lot of challenges. These young men struggle to plan ahead, and carry through with their plans. They have difficulty regulating their emotions. Sometimes they struggle to connect cause and effect, making it difficult for them to understand the outcomes of their actions. As a result, they often suffer from strained relationships with family and friends. They also put themselves at risk of physical injury due to unsafe behavior patterns.

We believe that these young men can reach their goals. They can have warm, loving relationships, and be active contributors in their communities. But they need a little help.

We provide that help by offering a safe, structured, and fully supervised environment. Our trained staff assist our residents in making safe choices in all areas of life. Our stable schedule helps their bodies stay in a stable routine, increasing emotional control. And surrounding all of that is the most important ingredient of all: love.

At Olive Branch Ministries, we believe that caring for our residents is more than a job, more than a calling. It's a way of life. We aren't an institution, we're a place that they can all call home.

Whether it's managing money, going to church, doing yard work, helping out at the thrift store, playing video games, or just "hanging out on the farm," our mission is to ensure that our residents are able to live life to fullest, in spite of their limitations.