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Leetonia, Ohio

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Residential Life at Olive Branch
Our mission here at Olive Branch is to provide long-term residential support to individuals with developmental disabilities, with a particular focus being given to persons of a conservative Amish-Mennonite background, taking into consideration what their heritage means to them and their families. We wish to provide these individuals with a place to live, as well as assist them in activities of daily living, whether this is a job, a sheltered workshop, etc., provide for leisure activities, and assist them in their spiritual journey in life in a manner which reflects and affirms their Christian heritage. 

Each new resident that joins the Olive Branch program will have an individualized development plan tailored to his special needs, goals, talents, and ambitions. Each resident is placed under the care of a qualified caregiver called a 'life coach' who works under the supervision of our resident director. The life coach assists the resident in learning daily life skills which are foundational to attaining an independent lifestyle; from the very basic skills of learning appropriate dress and simple food preparation to the more advanced skills of financial budgeting and job training. The goal is to provide this training in an environment that, above everything else, promotes a deepening of our resident's understanding  of who they are in Christ and their ultimate life purpose.

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