Olive Branch Ministries
Leetonia, Ohio

To be a community which:
  • 1.​ Affirms the worth of all people
  • 2. Responds to families and individuals seeking a program based on Christian values and principles
  • 3. Supports personal growth and wholeness
  • 4. Advocates community and church inclusion
  • 5. Provides opportunities for spiritual growth and service
The Olive Branch Vision
         Our Purpose
          Our Facility
Olive Branch Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization offering residential services, training in daily living skills, and social services to adults with developmental challenges. Our over-riding goal is to see each of our residents discover and mature in a meaningful relationship with their Creator, that their lives would bring ultimate glory and honor to God; the purpose for which they were created!
The Olive Branch ranch is situated on 70+ acres of beautiful Ohio farmland. The ranch setting provides many opportunities for personal growth in daily living skills. Our current program includes hay crops, and property maintenance. Woodworking and horsemanship will be added to the Olive Branch educational services in the near future.